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Baby boomers redefined America’s concept of golden years. Gone are those images of sitting on the porch in rocking chairs. Today’s 55-and-over crowd is fully committed to staying active in retirement. The best news? That active lifestyle leads to healthier golden years.

Numerous studies show that adults who exercise regularly enjoy a better immune system, blood pressure, digestive functioning and bone density than those who don’t. Active adults are also at lower risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. The U.S. Surgeon General recommends adults get two and a half hours of moderate-intensity physical activities each week.

You don’t need to start training for a triathlon to stay fit. Even regular walks are enough exercise to receive the benefits of an active lifestyle. If you’ve led a sedentary life, breaking out of your habits can be difficult, but starting a new chapter in your life is a perfect time to cultivate new habits and start saying active in retirement.

  • Low-Impact Activities: If you haven’t been active in a long time, ease into fitness with low-impact activities. These help your body get accustomed to being up and moving around without putting too much stress on your cardiovascular system or joints. Anything that gets active is a great start to getting healthy, so find an activity you like. Whether you’re taking after-dinner walks, enrolling in tai-chi or yoga courses, playing golf regularly or attending water aerobics classes, start with simple, enjoyable ways to get active.
  • Get a Routine: Whether you’re content to stick with walking the dog and playing a round of golf every week or seek a more rigorous battery of activities, a workout routine is your key to staying fit. Consult your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for vigorous exercise, before starting to ramp up your efforts.
  • Play it Smart: Don’t neglect your brain as you keep your body fit. After decades in the workforce, your mind’s probably at top shape. Keep it that way by staying mentally active, whether it’s by making puzzles such as Sudoku or crosswords a part of your day, or learning a new language or a musical instrument.

Life at 55 Resort Apartments

Life at 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley was developed to promote active adults’ physical, mental and social activity. Residents enjoy a bustling community of like-minded neighbors who look to enrich their lifestyle.

  • More than a Fitness Center: Our fitness center is ground zero for residents’ physical fitness needs. If you’re looking for less intense activities, our bocce ball court, outdoor swimming pool and hot tub and affiliation with Pelican Lakes Golf Club give you plenty of reasons to leave the sofa behind.
  • New Hobby, Anyone? Moving into 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley is a great time to take up a new hobby. Discover your green thumb in our community garden, use our library as a study spot for continuing education efforts or get artistic in our craft areas.
  • Socially Active, Too: Make your community a part of your lifestyle by engaging in other residents over a drink in our tavern, chatting fireside in our Great Room or socializing in one of our many residents-only social activities.

Regardless of what an active lifestyle looks like to you, 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley is ready to support you. Call us at 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355) to schedule a visit, or use the form on our Contact page to get started.

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