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Regardless of how much storage space your current home has, sorting possessions for downsizing is going to be a big job – and not just the physical demands of sifting through years worth of possessions. Sorting a lifetime of stuff can be an emotionally exhausting process.

It’s tough to toss out many items because of all the emotions they trigger, and it’s common to take pleasure from seeing items you once greatly valued. Other times, items remind us of the past and loved ones who are no longer with us. For many, holding onto these items is an easy way to reignite ghosts of pleasures from another time. Getting rid of them can feel like you’re erasing your past.

Everyone builds emotional ties to possessions differently. You’ll need to develop your own process to smooth the process along, but many strategies can help the process of sorting possessions for downsizing:

  • Keeping Memories, Eliminating Stuff: Remember that you’re keeping your memories. Disposing of items associated with them won’t diminish those memories or what they represent to you or your family.
  • Look Forward, Not Back: Downsizing is an essential step to closing a chapter in your life. It’s natural to reminisce about raising your family in the home as you work through the process, but don’t spend too much time on memories. You’re starting a new life, and casting off the past is a necessary first step in this phase of life.
  • Consider What’s Worth Keeping: Paradoxically, downsizing can become easier when you focus on determining if items are worth keeping, rather on what to eliminate.
  • Preserve Joy: People tend to hang onto items for a lot of reasons: guilt, a sense of duty to their previous owners or as a reminder of lost family members. If an item sparks happiness and positive energy, it is worth keeping. Those that inspire regret, melancholy, longing or other negative emotions can be eliminated.

Because sorting possessions for downsizing is a difficult process, don’t wait until the week before you close on your house. Set aside small blocks of time and tackle the chore in small bits. Give yourself permission to take a break when it becomes emotionally overwhelming.

Life at 55 Resort Apartments

A more minimal life – and its benefits – await you on the other side of the downsizing process. While the homes at 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley may be smaller than what you’re used to, they offer unrivaled luxury. In addition to dozens of on-site amenities, residents enjoy some of the finest units available in the region, including:

  • Private deck and patio spaces
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Granite countertops
  • Fireplaces
  • Vinyl plank wood flooring
  • Garage parking
  • Elevators to all levels
  • Indoor, heated hallways

Schedule your tour of your new home by calling 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355) or by visiting our Contact page.


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