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When it’s time to downsize, nearly everyone has a lot of work when it’s time to sort through their wardrobes. Most people tend to purchase a lot of clothes and hang onto the ones they have long past their natural lifespan. There’s never a better time in life to thin your wardrobe than when sorting closets and packing clothes.

Sorting Closets

You almost certainly have more clothes than you need. Figuring out what comes to your new home and what can be cut loose can be tough, though. The majority of people don’t cull their wardrobe enough, so it’s likely your closets are overstuffed.

Several strategies help you decide what you keep. Ask yourself five questions to make the process less emotional.

  • Does It Fit? If it’s too small, too big or just sits funny, get rid of it. There’s no reason to hold onto clothes that don’t fit and only make you feel bad about changes in your body.
  • Is it In Style? Everyone’s closet contains at least one item they love, but wouldn’t be caught dead with in public. Fashions change and you shouldn’t devote closet space to unwearable nostalgia.
  • Have I Worn It In the Last Year? Sometimes things fit and stay in style and just don’t make it out of your closet. Anything that hasn’t seen the light of day in 12 months just takes up closet space.
  • Is it Presentable? Clothes have a limited lifespan, and sometimes we hold onto them too long. Take a good, long look at everything you own. Is it stretched out, pilling or stained?
  • Does It Go With Anything? Sometimes, you own clothes that you like, but just don’t have anything that goes with them. If you don’t have the accessories or at least two other items of clothing to wear with it, it’s probably time to donate them.

Anything that can’t pass at least three of these five questions is likely something you can eliminate from your wardrobe. Donate it (or trash it if it’s worn out) to lighten your load and make room in your next closet.

Packing Clothes

Once you sort closets and get rid of the clothes you aren’t using, start getting them ready for your move. Some items can be packed immediately, such as seasonal items you won’t need before your move and specialty clothing such as formal wear, sports attire and other outfits you only wear once or twice.

It’s always easier to move a closet if you don’t have to unhang, fold and pack your clothes. Wardrobe boxes make transferring between closets easy, and are always worth the investment. Measure the length of the bar in your closet and use that length to determine the number of wardrobe boxes you need. Some moving companies also offer rolling clothes racks, which makes moving closets even easier: Just hang clothes on the rack, and wheel it out to the truck.

Life at 55 Resort Apartments

Getting ready to downsize your lifestyle? 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley helps you maximize a small footprint. Our community enjoys amenities that allow you to make the most of your luxury one- or two-bedroom apartment.

  • Community Spaces: With a game room, craft areas, a woodworking workshop and a library that stand ready to meet your needs, you’ll be able to devote more room in your home to what makes you feel like yourself.
  • Concierge Services: Make the most of your time, as staff handles many of your day-to-day responsibilities. We’re here to help you make restaurant reservations, schedule house cleaners, coordinate deliveries and organize dry cleaning and laundry services.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: Eliminate the hassle of monthly bills for utilities, country club memberships and internet services with our simple, flat-rate pricing.

See how you can downsize your home and upgrade your life when you move to 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley. Call 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355) or visit our Contact page to schedule your visit.

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