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Sorting Possessions for Downsizing

Regardless of how much storage space your current home has, sorting possessions for downsizing is going to be a big job – and not just the physical demands of sifting through years worth of possessions. Sorting a lifetime of stuff can be an emotionally exhausting process.

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Should I Move to Retire Close to Family?

Having children or grandchildren who live in distant cities can be a nearly constant tug on your heartstrings – but should it tug you physically when you consider retirement? When it’s time to plan their next chapter, some move across the country to retire close to family, but it’s not a decision that suits everyone.

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Sorting Closets and Packing Clothes

When it’s time to downsize, nearly everyone has a lot of work when it’s time to sort through their wardrobes. Most people tend to purchase a lot of clothes and hang onto the ones they have long past their natural lifespan. There’s never a better time in life to thin your wardrobe than when sorting closets and packing clothes.

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Windsor Day Trips: The Best Kept Secrets

Everyone visiting Northern Colorado knows about Rocky Mountain National Park, and you can’t read about the region without hearing about craft breweries, but there’s a lot more to keep you entertained, including many Windsor day trips you won’t find in tourist guides.

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Financial Benefits of Renting in Retirement

For many Americans, the idea of owning their home is ingrained in the concept of financial success. While homeownership may be a key component to wealth-building, it’s not always the best option for adults once their families have left the nest. Before going house hunting when you downsize in retirement, it’s important to consider the financial benefits of renting in retirement.

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Benefits of Downsizing

Downsizing is a physically and emotionally trying process that can occasionally be discouraging. While it’s difficult to eliminate many of your possessions, particularly those with strong emotional connotations, everyone who emerges from the process will tell you the benefits of downsizing are worth the effort.

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Affordably Staging Your Apartment Home

It goes without saying that you want your home to sell as quickly as possible for the highest price. Staging your home is a great way to help it sell, but investing a lot into staging can quickly add to the sales cost. Save time and funds with strategies for affordably staging your home.

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Why You Need a Retirement Plan

Nearly everyone knows the key to a happy retirement is planning, but you need a retirement plan that’s more than a roadmap. The most successful retirement plans are built to be elastic and change with your circumstances.

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How To Consider Space When Downsizing

You spent several years and raised a family in a multi-bedroom home. If you’re like most Americans, also spent years filling up your home with possessions. While it’s inevitable that you’ll need to trim the fat and let many of your possessions go when you downsize, knowing just how much space you actually need is a much more involved process than merely setting items aside for charity.

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