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You spent several years and raised a family in a multi-bedroom home. If you’re like most Americans, you also spent years filling up your home with possessions. While it’s inevitable that you’ll need to trim the fat and let many items go when you downsize, knowing just how much space you actually need is much more involved than merely setting items aside for charity.

Downsizing can be a months-long process, but knowing how much space you need after your move is a critical, and often overlooked, foundational step in the process. Determining how much space you need when downsizing is a five-step process.

Survey Your Current Home

How much of your home are you actually using? Do you keep bedrooms closed off most of the year? Are you effectively using both your living room and family room/den, or is one just excess now that your family has left? If you’re using old bedrooms, basement areas or garage space for storage, it’s likely you won’t miss that loss of square footage when you downsize.

Think About Entertaining

Many homeowners purchase homes with guest bedrooms and large dining rooms so they can host guests. Are you still using these areas enough to justify holding onto them? Are guests visiting frequently enough to justify holding onto a guest room, or would a sleeper sofa in an office work almost as well? Would your dinner parties be just as fun if held in a kitchen?

Consider Your Needs

Most of all, your new home should suit your lifestyle – which likely changed since you purchased your family home. Are you cooking enough to put a large, gourmet kitchen to full use? Did your need for a home office evaporate when you retired? Are you using the home theater room, or just watching television from the comfort of your living room?

Weigh Amenities

When you downsize to an apartment complex, you’re not only renting your home unit. You’re renting the clubhouse, exercise facilities, theater room and any other common areas. Learn to rely on your new home’s amenities to provide the space for occasional activities instead of paying for them.

Look at Floor Plans

Don’t guess at how well you’ll fit into your new home. When shopping for a new apartment, use floor plans and block out where major items – furniture and electronics – will sit in your new home. You’ll get a better idea of how much room you’ll have for storage.

Life at 55 Resort Apartments

Everyone’s space needs are unique, and you’ll need to consider your lifestyle and storage demands when you decide how much space you need when you downsize. 55 Resort Apartments offers members extensive on-site amenities that augment personal space, and four floor plans to fit any lifestyle. Schedule your visit today by calling 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355) or through our Contact page.

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