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Everyone has different priorities when they start planning to downsize their home or retire. Although you certainly made financial plans to allow you to maintain an independent lifestyle when you retire, have you given thought to what that lifestyle means to you? It’s clear that what matters in retirement is a lot more than just the balance of your retirement account.

You’ll need to weigh a lot of quality-of-life considerations as you plan your next chapter. Because these are personal decisions, many will require some introspection before you settle on your own formula for happiness.

  1. Proximity to Family: How important is it to remain close to your children and grandchildren? Many move to be closer to family when they retire, though it may come at the cost of other considerations.
  2. Engagement: Experts agree that maintaining an active life is critical to a happy retirement. How are you going to stay engaged? Options include volunteerism, taking a low-pressure part-time job or keeping a heavy social calendar. Having a schedule helps keep you from becoming bored or lonely. 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley offer several programming opportunities each week to stay engaged with your community.
  3. Exercise: An active body wards off health problems and mental-health issues. With a fitness center among our on-site amenities, working out is easy. Northern Colorado is full of opportunities for exercise such as golf, biking, hiking and boating.
  4. Travel or Settle In? Some people want to use their retirement as a chance to see the world, while others want to settle in and focus on their community. Is your choice of living situation going to support these priorities?
  5. Health Concerns: Do you have any illnesses that require special accommodations or environmental issues?
  6. Make a To-Do List: Take the time to physically jot down everything you’d like your retirement to include. Be ambitious! After you list your hopes and dreams, rank them: Their position on your list can help formulate long-term plans.

Determining what matters in retirement is a key component to successful retirement planning. 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley can play a key role in nurturing your plans and expectations. Call 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7335) to schedule your tour of the grounds today and see for yourself.

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