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Volunteerism is more than just a way to give back to your community. It’s a great opportunity to establish new connections and guide your days with structure, especially during retirement. Volunteering is not only beneficial for the organizations involved but for personal fulfillment.

What to Look for First

It is important to start your search in volunteerism in pursuit of opportunities that run parallel with your skills and hobbies. You also want to take into account your ideal volunteer experience looks like. In some cases, your professional skills won’t necessarily translate to the volunteer world, so many retirees seek to make an impact on an issue or effort that’s closer to their heart.

Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

There are endless volunteer outlets in communities across the board. It’s important to find an opportunity that’s the right fit for your needs, schedule and beliefs. A poorly matched organization can lead to frustration or make you feel as if you’re wasting your time. At first, it may be best to volunteer on a limited basis. Don’t be afraid to do a trial run.


The Northern Colorado area has a plethora of volunteer opportunities for retirees. With a little research, it’s certain you can find an organization whose needs fit your vision. Start your search for volunteer today!

Volunteers of America:

This is a nonprofit faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need to find their potential. Since 1896, Volunteers of America has supported at-risk youth, the elderly population, low-income families, homeless individuals and families, women and children escaping domestic violence, and those seeking affordable housing solutions. If this sounds like a good fit for you, visit their website to see how you can make a difference.

RSVP Weld County:

Are you in the Weld County area and ever wanted to get involved in community service? Look no further because the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program has been offering its services for over 46 years. Visit their website to find out exactly how you can give back in Weld County!

United Way of Larimer County:

This is a connection of local volunteers that is specific to Larimer County. Their movement is based around strengthening the county and those in it, specifically local children and families that are struggling. Whether it’s donating to their organization or offering your time, United Way of Larimer County is a great way to give support.

Municipal Opportunities:

Many Northern Colorado municipal programs rely on volunteers for operation. If you have ever been interested in taking part in the municipal experience, take the time to locate openings near you by city: Fort Collins, Greeley or Loveland – they are all great options. Being apart of these opportunities are not only a productive way to get involved in your community, but also a learning experience as well.


If you’re not sure what specific volunteer outlet is best for you, then VolunteerMatch is a great place to start. It is a program that specializes in matching individuals 55 years and older to organizations. Simply visit their website and search for specific demographics and communities that you connect with.

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