Volunteerism is more than a way to give back to your community. It’s a great opportunity to give yourself purpose, forge new personal connections and give your life structure. It’s no wonder so many people volunteer in retirement.

Finding a rewarding opportunity to volunteer in retirement take some time to match your skills and goals to an organization. Before you start hunting for volunteer positions, identify what your ideal volunteer opportunity looks like. In many cases, your professional skills won’t directly translate perfectly to the volunteer world, so many retirees seek to make an impact on an issue or effort that’s closer to their heart.

It’s important to find an opportunity that’s the right fit for your needs, schedule and beliefs, as a poorly matched organization can lead to frustration or make you feel as if you’re wasting your time. It’s often best to volunteer at a new organization on a limited basis – for a single project or defined timeframe – so you can leave if the work isn’t rewarding.

Northern Colorado are blessed with a plethora of volunteer opportunities for retirees, so with a little research, it’s certain you can find an organization whose needs fit your vision. Start your search for Northern Colorado volunteer opportunities with organizations that specialize in helping match people to opportunities.

Volunteers of America: A nonprofit faith-based organization dedicated to helping those in need find their potential. See opportunities.

Volunteer Match: The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of volunteers of America specializes in matching individuals 55 years and older to organizations. See opportunities.

Weld County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program: Since 1973, RSVP has helped seniors use their skills to help others in the community. See opportunities.

United Way of Larimer County: Connecting local volunteers with organizations based in interests, skills and other concerns. See opportunities.

Municipal Opportunities: Many Northern Colorado municipal programs rely on volunteers to operate. Locate openings near you by city:

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