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Benefits of downsizingDownsizing is a physically and emotionally trying process that can occasionally be discouraging. While it’s difficult to eliminate many of your possessions, particularly those with strong emotional connotations, everyone who emerges from the process will tell you the benefits of downsizing are worth the effort.

Having fewer possessions in your life eliminates the distractions that keep you from focusing on the present, finding new hobbies and interests and using the freedom that your golden years provide. Although the intangible, emotional benefits are hard to measure, you’ll also enjoy several more tangible benefits in your new, right-sized life.

  • Less Upkeep: Homeowners spend about $2,000 each year on upkeep, according to It hits more places than just the pocketbook, too. The average man spends more than 170 hours each year maintaining their home and landscaping, and women devote 176 hours every year cleaning house, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Green Lifestyle: A smaller home reduces your electricity and gas consumption, helping you lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  • Splurge on Furnishings: With fewer rooms to furnish, you’ll have more money to spend on each room after your move. Use the opportunity to splurge and decorate your new home with the high-end furnishings and accessories you always coveted.
  • Realign Lifestyle and Space: The typical American spends about 80 percent of his or her waking hours at home in 20 percent of the space of a four-bedroom house. Most of that time is spent in the living room and kitchen, so secondary areas such as offices, media rooms and craft areas, aren’t necessary.
  • Control Spending: Many residents of smaller homes become much more aware of the demands on living space a consumer lifestyle creates, and become more mindful shoppers, purchasing less, to fit with their smaller living space.

Life at 55 Resort Apartments

Downsizing is easier when you have community amenities to augment your home’s capacity. Residents of 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley enjoy a variety of on-site amenities so they don’t need to make sacrifices to enjoy the benefits of downsizing.

  • Multi-Purpose Rooms and Craft Areas: When you need extra space for your scrapbooking, miniature painting or any other activity, make a reservation for one of our shared spaces.
  • Great Room with Grand Fireplace: Enjoy the comfy sense of community of a great hotel’s lobby – without leaving home. A perfect place for quiet contemplation or meeting friends.
  • Library: There’s no better place to seek some quiet time to catch up on reading, writing or working.

Want to see the other ways 55 Resort Apartments at Water Valley make the downsized life simple? Schedule a tour of the property by calling 833-LEASE-55 (833-532-7355) or visiting our Contact page.

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