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It goes without saying that you want your home to sell as quickly as possible for the highest price. Staging your home is a great way to help it sell, but investing a lot into staging can quickly add to the sales cost. Save time and funds with strategies for affordably staging your home.

Don’t think of staging as redecorating, though. It’s a tactical makeover that helps potential buyers view themselves in your living space and make them fall in love with your home. It’s a trick that the experts rely on: More than half of realtors stage properties from time to time, and 38 percent report staging every property they list, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Staging Your Home by Simplicity

The first step every professional staging service will recommend is to simplify your home by removing clutter and personal items. You want buyers to instantly picture your home as their own, and can be easily distracted. Photos of your family, religious items and personal knickknacks only hinder this.

Even well-organized clutter makes your home look smaller, so pack up as much as possible and ship it to storage. Remove all items from the kitchen and bathroom counters, eliminate unnecessary and bulky furniture and keep shelves, tables and other flat surfaces free of items.

Hire a Staging Consultant

Hiring a staging professional can be expensive, but they provide a perspective. Rather than contracting a company to do all the staging themselves, find one that will give you a consultation, providing you with the game plan you need to tackle the job yourself. Instead of hiring hours of redecorating services that could take days, contract a consultant for a couple of hours of planning and do the heavy lifting yourself.

Focus on “Hot Rooms”

Most shoppers spend the most time looking at your entryway and primary living area, the master bedroom and the kitchen, so focus your efforts on whipping these rooms into shape. Don’t neglect secondary rooms – particularly bathrooms – but spend your staging dollars and effort where they’ll have the biggest impact.

Refurbish, Don’t Replace

It’s tempting to tackle all the cosmetic repairs with a trip to the hardware store, but that gets costly quickly. Concentrate on improving the appearance of your home’s existing fixtures instead of replacing them. A coat of stain and new handles can clean up kitchen cabinets, and it’s much more affordable to paint over unsightly and outdated bathroom tile.

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